Every homeowner should know the location of the water, gas and electric shut off. And more importantly, how to turn them off.

It was my first house, we had moved across the country and were not present during the home inspection. To make things worse, I didn't READ the home inspectors report describing the shut off locations. After ripping up carpets and painting, my wife suggested changing out the bathroom faucets. I said that should not be a problem since I have completed many DIY projects in the past. When I removed the bathtub faucet in the second floor bathroom, water started shooting from the open pipe into the back of the tub. That's when I realized something even more horrifying, I did not know where the water shut off valve was. Was it at the street? Maybe in the basement? In my haste, I shut off the water and the gas in the basement. It was fortunate we had a home warranty. We paid the service call fee for the technician to come out and turn on the gas and light the furnace and water heater. While he was there, he pointed out the location of the gas and water shut off valves. It was a lesson learned the hard way.

Know where your shut off locations are before you need them. It's a terrible feeling trying to find them in a panic.



09/30/2015 3:19am

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03/01/2016 10:04pm

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04/05/2016 11:54pm

This is really great stuff on water, gas and the things being used in ones house. This is a really informative post. These things are a necessity and should be used properly.

04/21/2016 1:25am

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04/23/2016 9:49am

Many things must know about the home owner that water gas and electric are working correctly or where the location of these things is actually made.

05/26/2016 7:59pm

As a relatively new home inspector I am simply amazed at how many hidden issues can be found in homes. Home buyers may be in for rude awakening when they realize that their roof is installed incorrectly (nails in between shingles, flashing not flush to the house, etc...). I have also uncovered a number of fire hazards like disconnected vent pipes, frayed wiring, hot water heaters beneath the breaker box, oh and don't forget the impromptu wiring into a junction box so you can have an extra light or ceiling fan in your bedroom--can I say splicing and black electrical tape. "BUYER BEWARE!"

05/29/2016 1:29am

Know where your shut off locations are before you need them. It's a terrible feeling trying to find them in a panic.

05/29/2016 1:31am

As a contractor, I couldn't begin to tell you how many repair jobs I've done that could've easily been prevented with a little time and effort taken to do proper maintenance. Touching up paint is a lot cheaper than replacing trim and siding.

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