Space Heater Dangers

Space heater dangers abound in many New Orleans older homes. While space heaters provide the warmth we desire many are unvented with little to no safety features.  Poor installation location is another safety hazard that is commonly found. It is not uncommon to enter a double shotgun house in the winter to find a space heater in every room lit. The house feels so cozy and warm. At times you may start to feel sleepy; it’s not just from the heat, it’s from the carbon monoxide produced from the unvented space heater. Newer space heaters have carbon monoxide sensors and anti-tip sensors built in with warning labels on the sides.  Installing and maintaining carbon monoxide alarms is a safety feature you may want to consider if you have unvented space heaters.

Falling Bullets

Falling Bullets and roof damage

As the New Year approaches, many will be celebrating. Have you ever stopped to think how many people still recklessly fire a weapon up in the air on New Year’s Eve without considering What Goes Up Must Come Down. While it’s not that common to find a bullet or bullet hole in a roof in the New Orleans area, it still happens. Keep in mind, a falling bullet can cause roof damage but also serious bodily injury or death. Finding another bullet embedded in an asphalt shingle roof in Algiers makes me weary about being outside during the midnight celebrations.